The Beacon Project


The competition Organizer is Merrell UK

General Rules

  • Participants must respect calendar, registration and deadlines and rules;
  • Participants must respect all the instructions regarding the required materials;
  • Participants can only join the competition individually not as a team;
  • Participants can be students, graduates, freelancers, or fully employed working within the architecture, design and engineering fields. It is not mandatory to be an expert of architectural disciplines or member of an architectural association
  • Prizes are fixed and established
  • The jury’s verdict is incontestable;
  • It is forbidden for participants to contact juror for matters related to the competition before the winner is officially announced;
  • It is forbidden for participants to disclose the material regarding their projects before the winners are officially announced;
  • It is forbidden for participants to join the competition in case they have business collaboration or blood relations with juror of the competition collaboration or blood-relations with jurors of the competition;
  • By violating the participation rules, the participant will be disqualified from the competition
  • All concepts submitted must be wholly original to the entrant
  • By registering and participating in the competition, participants fully accept all the rules, terms and conditions of the competition. Any exception will be excluded;
  • The Organizer has the right to change dates or other details in order to improve or fix aspects of the competition. In this case, the contestants will be noticed within a reasonable time frame through the competition website at and/or via email
  • The Organizer is not responsible for web malfunctioning, technical difficulties or failure to receive or upload materials; it is highly recommended to complete the registration and upload procedures in advance in regards to the given deadlines; participants are invited to notify the Organizer via e-email in case of technical problems


Any participant can be excluded from the competition. Participants can be disqualified when:

  • The submitted material is not written in English;
  • The uploaded materials are incomplete or inconsistent to the criteria
  • The materials are not submitted according to deadlines or to the procedures of the competition;
  • Participants have work or family relationships with one or more members of the jury of the competition;
  • Participants are not the owner or authors of the submitted project

Notes Concerning The Materials

By taking part in this Competition and accepting the Rules, Participants recognize, from now on, to the Organizer the non-exclusive right to: i) publish the Materials or part of the Materials in any way or form and with any means of communication and/or support, including online platforms, social media channels and printed publications; ii) distribute the Materials or part of the Materials in any way or form and with any means of communication and/or support, including online platforms, social media channels and printed publications.

All the projects that will win a prize and any (available) intellectual property right and/or industrial right on the projects are definitively acquired by the Organizer.The Organizer acquires the exclusive right of economic exploitation of the project and the permanent, illimited, irrevocable, exclusive, internationally- acknowledged right to use, realize, adapt, modify, publish in every media, display, reproduce and distribute the project also for marketing and advertising purposes, review the editorial, create works based on the project or giving the project or parts of it to third parties in any means, way or through any technology also including the freedom of panorama without any limitation in time or place.

The Materials must be new and original and the outcome of the intellectual activity of Participants: works and/or materials that do not comply with these features must not be submitted. Therefore, Participants agree to indemnify and hold the Organizer harmless from any cost or damage connected with the infringement of any third-party intellectual property right. By taking part in this Competition and accepting the Rules, Participants declare to be authors of the uploaded Materials.

The Participants of the Competition guarantee that the submitted Materials do not infringe, in any way, the industrial and intellectual property right of third parties and commit to hold the Organizer and the Partner harmless from any connected request that might arise from third parties.

Participants must be UK based and prizes will only be distributed within the UK.

Privacy and Treatment of Personal Data

  • The processing of Participants’ personal will be carried out by the Organizer for the sole purpose of the participation in the Competition and distribution of the Prizes in compliance with the applicable regulations.
  • Participants will be held accountable for the data - including personal data – they provide. The Organizer does not assume any responsibility for wrong data provided.
  • In any case, according to privacy policies, the Organizer has the right to verify participants’ personal data by requesting a copy of an identity document that reports the same data entered for the registration.
  • The Organizer is not responsible for participants’ false data provision.

Notes Regarding Prizes Adjudication

  • The publication of the results according to the calendar of the competition has to be considered a provisional publication. It shall be bound by the verification of the requisites defined by the Competition;
  • Prizes will be awarded after verifying the identity of the Winners and after they sign a self-declaration certifying that they fully accept the terms of the Competition and the declarations of the transfer of rights regarding the Materials and the indemnification required by the Organizer for the use of the Materials.
  • No cash alternative is available to prizes advertised.
  • Judges and Organizers' decision is final and no appeals will be acknowledged.
  • The Organizers can only be contacted via email at

Competent Court and Applicable Law

UK law regulates the rules of this competitions.